Preparing the BlueROV2

The new ROV CSUCI bought was designed around the idea of entry level research and exploration. As such the unit is shipped in pieces which require assembly. A fellow AARR member did initial assembly of the BlueRobotics BlueROV2. After initial assembly I began to take over the project. This was not ideal or planned. Lack of communication and knowledge of AARR on my part delayed my involvement in the universities program. Once I became involved I then essentially took over the ROV part of the ESRM AARR group. A capstone group was also simultaneously assembled. After the team received contact information for a local test tank at Port Hueneme our group tasked a member with contact and scheduling for our first test. My initial tests at the MAST center revealed issues with the stabilization system as well as the depth hold feature. It also established the need to purchase a tether management solution.

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