Experiential mission pillar


During my time at CSUCI, I was able to attain a deeper understanding regarding experiential learning via a photography course. This course taught me about the essentials of photography, the history of photography, the terminology regarding camera use, and how to skillfully use cameras. We learned about exposure, ISO, apertures, shutter speed, and lenses. This class also taught camera techniques, lighting, color imaging, design, and composition, which were all taught through demonstrations and lectures that broadened our insight into photography. I also learned about and used Photoshop extensively which expanded my knowledge of the digital aspect of photography. The class was given a myriad of assignments to better understand the intricacies of digital photography. Each assignment taught us about unique and different styles of photography such as portraits and landscape. Photography is a powerful mechanic, which can serve many purposes. Photography serves as creative art and also it communicates information. Photography is a tool that can inform about societies, cultures, individuals, history, wildlife, and nature. Photography is also important in the role it plays in terms of political and social issues. Through photography, we can share vital information that can bring awareness to certain situations. In modern times photography has been incorporated into the relatively new realm of social media, which helps to spread information quicker than ever. Recently, photography and social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, were crucial for understanding the injustice occurring in Ferguson where protestors documented situations of police brutality and helped to inform the masses of the hostile acts occurring during that time. During my time at CI I have taken multiple digital arts classes, which include 3D animation, web design, time based media, and graphic design. Like photography, all of these classes lend themselves to communicating information. I find that web design is one of the most influential means of communication in the modern era. As time and technology progress, writing code will become progressively important. Writing code will be a language that all society should know, especially, if one wants to be a leader instead of a follower. This course has given me the tools necessary to efficiently communicate in a new world. Time based media and 3D animation both taught me how to create animation. These courses have enabled me the skills to express my ideas and values in an artistic medium. The more possible avenues to express myself, the better because it creates more possibilities for myself. Lastly, graphic design taught me how to also express personal ideals in a visual wold. It is a medium in which I can deliver messages and ideas to the world through technological and artistic applications. Overall, I have been educated in different disciplines and methods to share information which lend themselves to community engagement.

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