Interdisciplinary mission pillar


While at CSUCI, I took a an English course which integrated academic writing combined with a variety of research across various disciplines. Throughout the course we studied about the themes of masculinity in our society and how it is a dangerous concept. The class was assigned two books and multiple articles to read which related with the ideas of masculinity. The books novels were, “Skippy Dies” by author Paul Murray and “Guyland” by Michael Kimmel. The novels and the articles read in class largely focused on the characteristics of masculinity, how society perceives masculinity, its origins, and how masculinity affects society. We extrapolated the information from the class readings and used this research in order to formulate our own opinions on the subject matter, which we discussed in class. Class assignments involved one page writing assignments due twice every week that presented our views on the assigned readings. The class also was assigned essays as well as a presentation in order to show our understanding of the curriculum. Interdisciplinary writing taught me how to effectively integrate comprehensive research across multiple disciplines into my writing. The course also enhanced my written communication knowledge and skill. Another course that integrated ideas across disciplines is my storyboarding class. This class taught me how to mix storytelling abilities with artistic creation. Combining these two elements allows me to mesh my abilities into one forum. Storyboarding taught me how to creatively explain or showcase stories and situations. I learned how to manipulate text and turn it into a visual image. This is important because I can communicate my ideas effectively in a artistic world.

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