International Mission Pillar



While at Channel Islands, I enrolled in a world music course which made me more cognizant of international perspectives. I learned about several different international societies and their cultures. This course emphasized the music of these unique communities but through the music we learned about the lives these international communities lead. It is important to study international music because I not only learned about other people, but I also learned it can bring people together and create a sense of unity. Much of music throughout the world is created by a sharing of ideas and borrowing from other cultures. For instance, the musical styles of mambo, salsa, jazz, and bossa nova are all interconnected and influence each other. Another example relates to Irish culture and their struggles. The Republic of Ireland fought for their freedom against British rule and these themes are represented in their music. This course presented its material in a myriad of methods which include lecture, discussion, videos, live performances, and reports. One of the ways that we learned about international cultures was through musical performances. Performers from around the world would come and play for us in class. Some of these artists include Irish, African, American, and Indian performers. They each played instruments from their respective cultures which was invaluable towards my education. I learned about the cultures of these various artists and I learned that music is an extremely important aspect of culture that should be studied as a way towards understanding other people’s way of life, ideals, culture, and values.

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