Multicultural Mission Pillar


During my tenure at Channel Islands, I was able to strengthen my understanding of multicultural standpoints via a postmodern visual culture class. This course examined contemporary art, visual media, cultural ideas, gender identity, and the meanings behind the art across various cultures. Course material was given through lecture, discussion, PowerPoint, field trips, essays, and textbook reading assignments. Much of what I learned pertains to visual postmodern art across multiple cultures. The art that I studied crosses many cultures and countries which include France, Germany, United States, and Japan. We learned about these various countries’ styles of art and artists. Another significant area of study included how people view art according to a particular culture; for instance, What one culture may consider to be art may not be considered art to a different culture. Performance art is one type of art that critics argue about whether it is actually art or not. Contrasting cultures also differ upon the beliefs of what certain art means. I learned that it is important to understand other cultures and to view things from another culture’s standpoint. The themes of this class go beyond art but pertain to any life situation. Cultures have opposing views on life and it is important to comprehend opposing thought. It’s necessary that we must meet opposition not as a threat but with open mindedness. Difference is valuable and meaningful, not problematic. Overall, this class broadened my knowledge and understanding of world cultures, society, and life. One way I was able to broaden my knowledge of multiculturalism was by taking field trips to museums. One of the museums I visited was the Los Angeles Museum of Art. At LACMA, I was exposed to art pieces created by many different international artists. Each piece was unique and representative of the artist’s culture. Studying these pieces taught me about the artists and their respective cultures. One major aspect that I took away from this course was being able to fully appreciate and to think critically of the art presented to me. By doing this, I am now able to get a more thorough and extensive knowledge of other cultures by assessing art material.

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