Personal Statement

Passion, intensity, and determination. These are the traits that drive me to become the best version of myself. I see myself making a difference and benefiting others first and foremost. The way I plan to accomplish these goals is acquiring a job within an athletic field. My interest in athletics began when I was young and has been a burning passion throughout my life. It has been a creative and freeing outlet for myself. I believe that sports can make us feel better about ourselves and others. Sports are also unifying, they bring people together for something that is larger than an individual and to work for a common goal. This career field appeals to me because it is exciting, rewarding, and it allows me an avenue in which I could help others. Promoting positivity is a value that I hold dear and these are principles that I dedicate myself to everyday. I plan to encourage and foster the growth of myself and others in an athletic position.

I believe that I can be successful in this position for a variety of reasons. The first reason is due to my traits such as ambition, determination, and passion which are integral to athletics. The second reason is because I have knowledge of sports to be successful. Lastly, I have the desire to succeed and work ethic to succeed. I will do whatever it takes to obtain my goals. another goal of mine is to be a role model and to inspire others to fulfill their potential, therefore leading them to success. By sticking to my values and ideals, I believe that I can be successful, not only in my career field, but in any situation. My objective is to reach my potential in life. This means developing myself and attaining self-actualization. It also means leaving a beneficial impact on society not only through my profession but also as an everyday citizen.

I recently graduated California State University as a liberal arts major with a 3.6 grade point average. I transferred from Moorpark College where I was inducted into Phi Thetta Kappa honor society. Another academic achievement of mine is making the Dean’s List six consecutive terms. I also am currently employed. Throughout my professional work history I have learned and developed characteristics that have helped me to grow. Working in a customer service based job, I constantly interact and attend to others by looking out for their needs. By doing this I have gained valuable interpersonal skills. My educational career as well as work history have made me a more proficient leader. They have taught me to be responsible, disciplined, and engaged.

Finally, in the future I hope to grow and to learn on a daily basis.  I view education to be a life long endeavor that I will pursue vigilantly. I want to become even more knowledgable and to gain deeper perspective about the world as well as other people. I will apply my education, insight, and knowledge that I have gained in order to assist others.

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