Ethics in Leadership

  1. Post a link to a current event involving unethical or ethical leadership.
    1. What would take for more people to engage in the ethical actions presented?
    2. What actions are needed to change the unethical behavior into ethical behavior?

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has been accused of lying to the public about specifics of the Ray Rice situation in which he punched his wife in an elevator this past February. This has resulted in the questioning of his ethical and moral values as well as his position of commissioner of the NFL. He claims that the league had not seen the visual evidence within the elevator the night of the incident although there were reports claiming that the visual evidence was sent to the NFL. This also led to backlash from countless others demanding that Roger Goodell step down as commissioner. There are a few different courses of action that need to be taken in order to reverse the unethical behavior within the NFL. First, there should be more performance evaluations for the front office of the NFL to determine and make sure that they are doing their job diligently. And if not, then punishments should be handed down to the front office. This would basically serves to check their power. Another way is for people to voice their displeasure for the unethical behaviors of the NFL, which people have been doing. Through criticism, the front office may feel compelled to change their behaviors in order to save face. Lastly, the NFL can establish new policy procedures which would dictate their behaviors in order to be more ethical. However, because this commissioner has had a history of problems and also has little popularity amongst the players as well as fans, I think it would be better for him to step down in order to make way for a better commissioner.


Based on your responses to the Core Values Questionnaire, what are your core values?

  1. To what degree would you say that your actions align with your values?  How would you want to improve in this area?
  2. Do you think other people know your core values?
  3. Are you comfortable talking about your core values with others?
  4. In your planning for the future (e.g. next five years), how will your values influence what you do?

My core values are peace and happiness. I chose these two because they also incorporate some of the other values as well. For instance I believe peace is accompanied by justice and truth. And happiness for me incorporates friendship, love, family, joy, and wisdom. So all of my actions that I take are to fulfill these related values in order to achieve the primary values of peace and happiness. I think I can improve these areas by being more assertive and by voicing my opinion more. For instance, if I’m in a certain situation in which I am not happy, I may go along with it just so it can make someone else more comfortable instead of trying to please myself first. I think that others are aware of my values even though i’m not too vocal. A lot of my values are seen more through my actions than by what I say and I think people pick up on this.

I am comfortable talking about my values with other people because they are values that I believe are important and beneficial. For instance some of these values that I hold are being fair, kind, honest, just, and reliable. I try to direct all of my behavior and actions towards the common good so I have no problem communicating this with others.

Over the course of the next five years, I expect my values to play a big part of my future. If I do succeed in becoming a police officer than my job would be tied to these values. I would use my position to promote and express these qualities such as integrity, which is also one of the leadership traits mentioned earlier in the textbook. Leader with integrity are loyal, honest, dependable, and reliable. These are values that are necessary for any police officer to have. Beyond police work, these traits make for positive individuals within the community as well,  which I expect to be.


2 thoughts on “Ethics in Leadership

  1. Hi Forrest: Great article; I like that you took something that has been buzzing in the news and analyzed it from a solution perspective. You mentioned there should be performance evaluations, do you know if this is already done? It would be a good way to assess the individual’s behavior. Another thought I had was…what if a group of individuals made decisions and a neutral, non-involved party communicated to the media?

  2. It’s auspicious to see your two core values be peace and happiness as you enter the line of work as a police officer. Do you believe that you will have a hard time making these your guiding values? If so what might you do in order to help make your goal a reality?

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