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Learning how to Learn

In a world where technology growth progresses on an exponential curve the ability to learn new systems or skills is paramount. The simple skill of following a methodology is not to be undervalued. However, what happens when you follow a well-documented list of instructions and it doesn’t work? Or have a question with no tools or pieces of technology designed for the task? This is often an issue in data collection and the field of environmental science where the study of humans interacting with their environment is dynamic and far reaching.

Troubleshooting The BlueROV2

The way I do and continue to develop the skills of learning, troubleshooting and adapting is to undertake projects that have aspects not familiar to me. I welcome these challenges and reflect on my processes I undertook to achieve the desired results. I have almost an obsessive drive to solve the issues I run into. This drive did not come naturally but was created over time when I completed projects and found solutions. The feeling of resolve and accomplishment is a great motivator in developing the skills of adaptability and learning fields I have no experience in originally.

There is a balance between learning, being confident and being out of one’s own capabilities. Knowing when to bring in more help or reach out to mentors has been difficult for me. I continue to work on this shortcoming.

Learning to organize one’s thoughts, articulate the methodology needed and focusing on the end result is a skill that will never be fully mastered.

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