“the negotiator”

This is not only an example of an out group situation but it also portrays the psychological social loafing theory as well which states that individuals in groups tend to not work as hard because they expect others to pick up their share of the work. In this case, Cartman has differences in how he should function relative to his fellow group members. He tries to set himself apart from the group claiming he is “the negotiator”. The leader of the group, Kyle, is confrontational with Cartman and demands him to do his share of the work. However he isn’t very successful in his attempts to persuade him to do his share of the work with the two of them arguing at the end.

One thought on ““the negotiator”

  1. Hi Forrest: This is a funny clip. As you noted, this also displays the leader trying to pull the out-group member back-in. How good of a job do you think he does?

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